What is QUSD?

QUSD is a stablecoin, meaning that it is never supposed to change significantly in value. This is thanks to coins always only being sold at a certain amount, which motivates buyers to not sell for less.

Therefore QUSD is good for value preservation. The main difference between QUSD and competitors such as USDT, is that QUSD has as an active market goal to keep the price at a certain “stable” price, which has been derived algorithmically, and providing both market making support and other business support to make this happen.

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Targeted low volatility, low latency transaction speeds, and a trusted team provides for an optimal solution.


QUSD has good trading volume and is trading at a solid market capitalization valuation in excess of CNY ¥3 billion.


QUSD is used worldwide for private transfers for real-world assets and as a viable payment option.

Find your balance with QUSD

Trade into QUSD and trade out of QUSD easily with the use of exchanges and through private transactions. Model your portfolio risk tolerance and invest into QUSD for stability.

QUSD is an extraordinary cryptocurrency of the future and our business development and research department is constantly figuring out new ways to improve the QUSD protocol and technology.

Create a seemingly endless supply of new vendors and service providers. Innovate and create new storage methods and new use cases for QUSD. Blur the lines between cryptographically stored value and values stored within the traditional banking system. Focus on adding value to QUSD by offering goods and services in exchange for QUSD.

Thanks to QUSD MARKETS LTD acting as a liquidity provider to exchanges, volatility is usually kept at a minimum. At least that is the goal of QUSD. Keeping a static position, at most times, to enable value keeping.

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Invest Smarter with QUSD Multi-Billion ¥ CNY Platform

QUSD is the future of cryptocurrencies, with a unique management approach involving providing real-time liquidity and game changing research and development.

Holding QUSD in between trades, or when you prefer to be on the sidelines, can benefit you tremendously, unlike other highly volatile cryptocurrencies or stable coins which are not actually stable due to the issuance of coins through unreliable or unknown parties.

QUSD’s goal is to be the premiere low volatility coin traded on the ERC20 smart contract protocol. Built on top of the Ethereum layer, QUSD can be traded efficiently and safely. Invest in QUSD knowing that you can sleep soundly at night.

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Our Expert Team

A well versed team with Allen B. Cook as the CEO of QUSD LTD, QUSD HOLDINGS LTD, QUSD MARKETS LTD and General Manager of the QUSD cryptocurrency.


Paul M. Sayegh, Esq.

In-House Counsel at QUSD LTD

Allen Bruce Cook


Lara S. Corrente, J.D.

Assistant Counsel

Adam (Xin) He

Advisor to QUSD

Sean Vasquez

Advisor to QUSD

Saadat Khan

Advisor to QUSD





Where to Buy and Trade QUSD?

1.00 /QUSD
    QUSD / BTC, QUSD / USDT, QUSD / ETH is trading on BITKER exchange (over $200 million in daily volume)
1.00 /QUSD
    QUSD / USDT is trading on SistemKoin exchange (over $70 million in daily volume)
1.00 /QUSD
    QUSD / USDC is trading on CoinHub exchange (over $20 million in daily volume)

COINOMI wallet with native support for QUSD

QUSD is listed and supported on Coinomi wallet. Coinomi is one of the largest software wallet companies in the world for holding cryptocurrencies across multiple platforms and is now supporting QUSD (QUSD) with a seamless integration which enables users to hold QUSD on Android, Apple, Windows, MacOs and Linux compatible devices.